Monday, August 1, 2011

Thanks Tatsuhiko

This is a message from Tatsuhiko. He is one of the strongest English speakers in the group. Actually he's in the advanced class with Simon which is quite an achievement. He has one problem in that his name is difficult for people to remember so he has to repeat it for them! He writes:

It's very cold here. My host family is very kind to me so I am enjoying my stay and my friends are very kind and funny but I am very sad because they will leave here soon. I learned some Spanish words from them. 'Hello' in Spanish is 'Hola!'I'm very happy. I'm spending a really good time in Ireland.

It's amazing how sad the boys feel when someone they've only known for a few days leaves. It shows you how intense the experience of studying abroad is for them.

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  1. Dear:Tatsuhiko
    You seem to be spending wonderful every day in Ireland.