Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Safe Arrival

The boys have arrived! Their plane was due at 14:55 but it arrived early at 14:05. They all looked excited and well. Not as tired as I expected. We went by bus to meet the homestay parents. It was nice to see the warmth of the welcome they received. I was very happy to see them smile and say 'Nice to meet you'. First impressions are very important. Here is Kiichi with Lydia of the Irish College of English. The weather is absolutely beautiful today. About 20 degrees and sunny so everybody is feeling good. We don't get weather like this in Ireland very often. They have a day to relax tomorrow until we meet in the evening for a test to see shich level class they will be put into. Parents, please leave a comment for the students. I'm sure they would be happy to read it.


  1. Mr. Patrick.
    I am mother of kiichi.
    I must express my gratitude for your kind treatment.
    Because my son arrived safely, I am relieved.
    He seems to be very glad!!
    I hope sincerely he will be able to stay happily for three weeks in beautiful Ireland.
    Thank you.


  2. Thank you very much for your message Kiichi's mum. He's a very friendly boy and I'm sure he'll have a wonderful time here. Best wishes, Patrick