Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Irish Sports

This year I have asked the students to help write the blog. Thanks to Yuki-kun for being the first. Here is his post and a picture of Croke Park:

Yesterday we went to the GAA museum. It is in a stadium. It is very big. It was very fun. There were some games where you have to push buttons quickly. The Japanese students were very cunning and we got the highest score.

Now I will tell you a funny difference between my home in Ireland and my home in Japan. This is about the temperature of the shower. In my homestay the shower starts off very cool. That's normal. After that it gradually gets warmer. That's normal too. It's nice and comfortable. But suddenly the temperature gets very very hot or very very cold. I was very surprised!


  1. Hello yuki.
    I read your blog with my preasure.
    This morning I have practiced golf, how about your activities and your hobby?
    Have your already show the juggling to your host family and your teachers?

  2. Hi,Mr,Patrik.
    This is Yukis sister.
    Im happy to know how boys and Yuki stay there.
    and looking forward to read your next tittle:)
    Thank you.

    Enjoy the funny sower!
    Be good boy*

    with big hugs

  3. Good for you Patrick. You must be very busy recently, but it's wonderful to have the teenagers experience the different culture and games there. Did you take them to the churches? They are quite different from the Japanese temples.

    Best regards